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The NEW MN BELT is designed to replace multiple belts in your collection with uniqueness of design as well as functional benefits. With “minimalist approach” makes The NEW MN BELT looks simple but gives a lot more, completely breaks all the limitations of traditional style of belts and truly offers ultimate new user experiences that non of any other belts have offered.

The NEW MIN BUCKLE has an ergonomic curve, making the belt even more comfortable to wear. NEW MIN BUCKLE is available in four Buckle colors. 



The NEW MIN STRAP has The Seamless 2 in 1 Color Reversible Strap Technology, allowing to swap between colors based on your outfit or preference. There are two choices of NEW MIN Strap: USUAL (Black/Brown) and CASUAL (Blue/Grey). There are four sizes to choose from for your waist size. 





We suggest using the below instruction for size selection.